Gents Hair Weaving is a non-surgical hair replacement technique to get rid of male type of baldness. Lynx Hair Skin Clinic provides Gents Hair Weaving at a reasonable price in Gurgaon. For this procedure, we provide three methods for hair replacement – Threading method, Clip On system and attachment process.

Hair Weaving in Gurgaon

Threading method –

In the threading method, fence is made on the head with twisting technique of hair and binding with thread from one end to the other. Once the fence is made, we will measure a hair patch of the same size as that of the fence size. The professionals will then stitch the hair patch with the fence on the head. We will attach the frontal side with tape. The client will require re-servicing after 1-2 months depending on its maintenance.

Clip on Hair Weaving –

Clip-on Hair Weaving is ideal to cover up thinning area where hair loss persists but not exactly bald area. In this process, the expert will select a hair patch of size slightly bigger than that of the thinning area. The clip on system will hold the hair unit with surrounding hair. The client can easily remove and attach it themselves. The process is not much costly and re-servicing can be done in 3-4 months.

Attachment Process –

In attachment process, the professional will shave off the bald area and accordingly then select a hair patch of the exact same size. We will attach the hair unit with medicated glue and tape to tighten the grip. The lifespan will be around a month. Our stylist also provides a suitable hairstyle as per requirement. As per the Indian climate, the client will need re-servicing in 3-4 weeks in summer and 4-5 weeks in winter.

Consult our professionals for best guidance and choose a reliable method according to your baldness or hair loss. Contact us now for more information.