Can I sleep with wig everyday?

No! If you sleep with, it might be fall down and you can not feel comfort through out the night. So it is suggested to put off the wig at night when you going to bed.

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knotted hair start to open after sleep with it

If it so we meant you sleep with wig, the wig life will be less, cause the knotting of hair become loose and start hair fall in wig. In this way you can get less life of wig due to break of knotting of hair of wig. In your sleeping mode the wig is like sandwich in between your head and the pillow, when you move your head here and there on the pillow, the head gives pressure to the wig and knotted hair become loose. In this way hair fall takes place.

So the suggestion is- Do not wear wig during sleep.
once in a while in an emergency is okay.