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4. What is Hair Patch or monofilament Hair Unit?

What is Hair Patch or monofilament Hair Unit?

I am going to explain you about hair patch. What is hair patch or hair unit? Hair patch is made-up of three things-

1. Monofilament , 2. PU baseĀ  and 3. Knotted Hair

1. Monofilament-

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Monofilament- Click to enlarge

It is a fishing line which is made up of artificial substances, including nylon, polyethylene, Dacron and Dyneema. With the help of this wire, the dense square net is made. Square net is produced where the hair is being knotted. When 1 to 2 hair is knot in the net then its knotting is invisible and when 4 to 6 hair comes together to make a knot then it is visible like a pen dot point. Single hair knot is good for visibility for skinny effect but bad for life. Single hair knot hair patch life is 5 to 6 months. Where as quad hair knot is not good for visibility but great for life span. Quad plus knot hair patch life is one to one and half years.

2. PU- Base-

It is a base where tape, glue or clip going to be installed.

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Monofilament PU base- Click to enlarge

3. Knotted Hair-

1 to 2 Hair knotted in the monofilament to give the filler look in the patch.


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3. Can i sleep with wig everyday?

Can I sleep with wig everyday?

No! If you sleep with, it might be fall down and you can not feel comfort through out the night. So it is suggested to put off the wig at night when you going to bed.

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knotted hair start to open after sleep with it

If it so we meant you sleep with wig, the wig life will be less, cause the knotting of hair become loose and start hair fall in wig. In this way you can get less life of wig due to break of knotting of hair of wig. In your sleeping mode the wig is like sandwich in between your head and the pillow, when you move your head here and there on the pillow, the head gives pressure to the wig and knotted hair become loose. In this way hair fall takes place.

So the suggestion is- Do not wear wig during sleep.
once in a while in an emergency is okay.

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2. Can I wear a wig for 12 hours for my first day after my chemo?

Yes you can but depends on the condition of the patients. Recommended time is 1 hour to 2 hours. Some age difference also be considered.

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Wearing a wig longer time after chemo gives you headache

Start wearing a wig with recommended timings. Once you practice and be in your habit then you can increase the timings 2 hours to 4 hours and so on. Do not use for 12 hours for very first time to use a wig. It can give you the severe headache.


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1. Why Need a Wig after Chemotherapy for Cancer Patients?

Hello Viewers this is my first blog I am going to write down, first let me introduce myself. My name is Pramod Goyal (Director & Owner of LYNX Hair Skin Clinic).

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Wigs for Cancer Patients- Click to enlarge

You can get to know about me in ABOUT US section. As you know that I have experienced last 6 years in this field where I used to meet the persons like general baldness, male and female pattern baldness, all kind of elopecia cases and last but not the least our heart breaking cancer patients have gone all their hair after first to second chemotherapy. Well my blog post is regarding this question Why Need a Wig after Chemotherapy for Cancer Patients. After first or second chemotherapy the hair start loosing its base. The simple cause of hair loss all over the body is the drugs of chemotherapy are so strong that attack rapidly growing cancer cells. In this respect these drugs also hit the healthy cells in your hair roots. So this is all cause of hair loss after chemotherapy. There are many ways to use a wig after hair loss, some people are so panic to have their look and start to have a wig after just one chemotherapy. Some of them wait till 50% to 70% hair loss. So all these things depend on person to person what they want and when actually. So we are here to help you out at LYNX Hair Skin Clinic Gurgaon. First you have to come up for the consultation regarding your query. Let us discuss your need, we show you the demo of wigs so that people can analyze their look for instant and then order it accordingly. We are sharing some pictures of wig and real clients. Please check it out and get your needs. Thank you.

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