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Eyelash Extension in Delhi

It’s no secret that women are obsessed with artificial lashes, after all these are extremely gorgeous. And now because of their magical, transformative powers, ladies are opting for its permanent solution more and more, i.e. Eyelash Extensions. They are the key to being picture ready or looking your best 24*7.

Therefore, to make sure that each of our beautiful ladies gets this chance to enhance their looks at affordable prices, Lynx Hair Skin Clinic introduces our new product  Eyelash Extensions in Delhi. The premium brand to make your eyes beautiful.

Best Eyelash Extensions in Delhi: Lynx Hair Skin Clinic

Eyelash Extensions are made of a synthetic material resembling perfect natural eyelashes. They are used to add more length, curliness, and thickness to the natural lashes, meanwhile giving a great volume. It is the latest fashion craze not only among models or celebrities but anyone with beauty concerns. At Lynx Hair Skin Clinic, our experts don’t just create show-stopping lashes, but we infuse confidence into each lash application so you can get the most out of your look at an extremely affordable price.

Types of Eyelash Extensions we offer

We offer three types of Eyelash Extensions in Delhi – Classic Eyelash, Volume 2D, and 3D Eyelash. If you have plenty of lashes already, but just want to add some more length or volume to them, then you can go for the Classic Eyelash Extension for a more natural look. Otherwise, you can go for Volume 2D or 3D Eyelash Extensions for a fuller look, whatever suits you better.

Before your appointment, you can come up to us for a free consultation with our experts, who will guide you throughout the procedure. Moreover, they will also help you with the pre and post-procedure instructions.

Classic Eyelash Extension in Delhi

In this method, the professional will fix one 1 lash extension to 1 natural lash with the help of medicated glue. It is also known as the 1 to 1 or 1:1 technique in Eyelash Extensions. Classic eyelashes are ideal for clients who already have a lot of lashes, but want to add more length. Classic lashes give a more natural appearance in that regard.

Volume  Eyelash Extensions in Delhi

In this method, many lash extensions are applied to one single natural eyelash separately, dividing one natural eyelash at a time. Here very thin lashes are used.

If 2 eyelash extensions are applied to one natural lash, it is known as Lynx 2D technique.

If 3 eyelash extensions are applied to one natural eyelash then it is known as Volume 3D Eyelash Extensions.

Eyelash Extension in Delhi: Before your appointment

Before you come for your appointment, there is a list of things one must avoid doing for a better and comfortable Eyelash Extensions experience.

  • Please do not put on any eye makeup before coming for an appointment. If it is so, then you need to wash your face first.

Eyelash Extension in Delhi: After your Eyelash appointment

Once you are done with your Best Permanent Eyelash Extensions appointment, here are a few precautions you must take.

  • Do not get your Eyelash wet for one day. We suggest you wait for 24 hours before wetting your lashes. *Wetting your lashes before 24 hours could cause the glue to reactivate and bunch the lashes together or they might even fall off faster.*
  • Avoid taking a hair wash for 1-2 days. (Most clients prefer to wash/style their hair right before their appointment)
  • Do not go to the gym just after your Eyelash appointment
  • Keep your lashes away from direct running water onto them
  • Do not wipe your eyes or drag on your lashes (this may cause your natural lashes to come out prematurely)
  • Only use water-based mascara (optional). If applying mascara, start from the middle to tip. Keep away from the root area.
  • Use water-based eye makeup remover.
  • Do not use a motorized eyelash curler.
  • To enlarge the life of your lashes, please visit us again for a refilling every 2-3 weeks.

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