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Hair Extension in Chandigarh

Hair extensions are lengths of real or synthetic hair that can be attached close to the scalp through many systems. When properly matched in color and texture and professionally applied by our extension expert, extensions blend and move naturally with your hair, making it hard to tell you’re wearing them. They can provide volume, extend hair, and add soft highlights or highlights without the harshness of coloring your hair. Our Experts serve our best service for HAIR EXENSTION at our LYNX HAIR EXTENSION CLINIC in CHANDIGARH, PUNJAB. 

Types of Hair Extension we offer in Chandigarh

We offer different types of hair extensions at the best cost in our Lynx Hair Extensions clinic, Chandigarh such as CLIP-IN Hair Extension Method, TAPE-IN Hair Extension Method, KERATIN GLUE Hair Extension Method, MICRO-RING Hair Extension Method, and SEW-IN Hair Extension Method.

Clip-in Hair Extension in Chandigarh:

Clip-in hair extensions are a perfect temporary hair extension system, which can be fluently applied and removed. Clip-in hair extensions are generally attached to a base weft with readily darned clips. Clip-in requires the least commitment compared to all other hair extension techniques. However, please communicate with Lynx Hair Extension clinic, Chandigarh, if you’re looking to promote the healthy growth of your natural hair. We give the perfect Clip-in Hair Extension Method.

Tape-in Hair Extension in Chandigarh:

Tape-in hair extensions are a semi-permanent system of hair extensions. After Clip-in, Tape-in is the quickest and easiest hair extension system to apply and remove. Tape-in extensions are one to one and a half elevations of sections of hair that are pre-taped with medical-grade cement to your hair. The extensions have to be professionally installed by our experts at our LYNX Hair Extension clinic in Chandigarh, Punjab. 

Keratin Glue Hair Extension in Chandigarh:

Keratin hair extension is so trendy in fashion. In this procedure, single beachfront importing 1.2 gram to1.5 gram is applied with heat wand iron to melt the Italian plastic chargers to fix the hair beachfront to your hair. Still, LYNX Hair Extension’s Experts in Chandigarh gives our service at the best price, if you are looking for Endless Hair extensions. 

Micro-Ring Hair Extension in Chandigarh: 

Micro-ring hair extensions can give a stunning result, but they’re intricate and need a precise set of hands. These hair extensions are connected to a small silicone blob or essence ring that needs separate tools to install to your natural hair. This is the analogous process of keratin Glue hair extension. The only difference is Keratin Glue hair extension is grounded on hot emulsion and the Micro-ring hair extension is grounded on cold emulsion system. We offer you endless results for Hair extensions in Chandigarh, Punjab.

Sew-in Hair Extension in Chandigarh: 

Sew-in Hair Extension Method is also known as Weave Hair Extension. This hair extension system is only suitable for those with thicker hair. Still, Sew-in Hair extension method is a great option for your extension choice, if you have thick or heavily textured hair. We offer you the stylish result for Hair extensions in Chandigarh, Punjab.

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