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Hair Extensions in Delhi

Hair Extensions is a non-surgical hair replacement technique to cover up baldness in a way that no one can easily detect. Hair Extensions are used to increase the length and volume of the hair using various methods. Lynx Hair Skin Clinic offers Hair Extensions at an affordable range of price. The Hair Extensions are available in 5 different techniques performed by our experienced professionals. With us, you can choose your preferable technique according to your requirement and comfort.

Types of Hair Extensions we offer

Hair Extensions are used to extend the length of the hair and give more volume to overall hair. There are five methods of Hair Extension in Delhi where we put the Hair Extension in a manner that it goes undetectable. Nobody can easily make out. For Temporary Hair Extension we offer Clip-on Hair Extension in Delhi where you can easily attach the hair extension into your hair on your own.

For Permanent Hair Extension in Delhi, we offer Keratin Hair Extension in Delhi, Micro-ring Hair Extension in Delhi, Micro-weft Hair Extensions in Delhi and Tape-in Hair Extensions in Delhi. We have a wide range of Hair Extensions in Delhi for our valuable clients who needs the perfect matching color and texture. The Hair Extensions Cost in Delhi is designed in a manner that it is affordable for our clients. You can easily do curling and ironing with moderate temperature with damaging the hair unit. Our Best Hair Extensions in Delhi are made by our Hair Expert – Mr. Prem. Remy. We use virgin hair to make the hair extension products.

Hair Extensions in Delhi: Clip-on (Temporary)

The sets of hair extensions are provided as per the client’s requirement. They come in 3+4+2+2 sets [3(lower ear to ear)+ 4(upper ear to ear)+ 2(left upper ear)+ 2(right upper ear)]. Total 4 sets comes in 11 clips. Moreover, single row set is also available with 6 clips in one set.

Divide a proper section, where you want to put the hair unit and then clip the hair extension in your hair, comb it and merge it. You can also do curling and ironing using Heat Protector with low temperature as compared to standard temperature.

Hair Extensions in Delhi :Keratin Glue

Under Permanent hair extensions in Delhi, Keratin Glue hair extension in Delhi is trending in fashion. In this procedure, a single strand weighing 1.2 gram to 1.5 gram, is applied with the help of heat wand iron to melt the Italian plastic crystals to fix the hair strand to your hair. The more the number of strands the more will be the density of hair.

It is suitable to add some hair strands to the existing hair length. This will give you the volume of your same length. Our hair extensions are 100% natural and made by professionals.

Hair Extensions in Delhi: Micro-Ring

In Micro-Ring Hair Extensions, micro rings or micro beads are used. This is quite similar to keratin glue hair extension. The only difference is that the keratin glue hair extension is based on hot fusion method and micro-ring hair extension is based on cold fusion method. Moreover, this method will require less time as compared to the other one. This is a Permanent Hair Extension in Delhi. It is suitable for any group of ladies (16 yrs to 60 yrs).

In micro-ring method, one hair extension strand and natural hair will be pressed with pliers one by one. We offer three kinds of ring 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.5mm. The ring size is chosen by the client in order to get finishing touch at the end of this process. We provide Best Hair Extension in India and overseas also. We have served clients from Miami, Washington DC, New eland, Auckland, Canada, Michigan, Millburn Australia, south Korea, Iran, Switzerland, Dhaka Bangladesh, Moscow Russia, china and few other countries.

Weft Micro-Ring Hair Extensions in Delhi

In this method, Weft Micro-Ring hair extension in Delhi is fixed with keratin glue or micro rings. It is the fastest method as compared to all other Permanent Hair Extensions. Due to less micro ring place or less keratin glue, it is very fast to install easily. In this process, two weft hair extension is going to stitch in this manner so that the strands of hair is coming out in weft extensions for gluing or micro-ring for tightening the weft extensions. The lifespan is 2 months. It might be difficult to make high pony with these. Re-servicing will be required within 2 to 2.5 months.

Tape-in Hair Extensions in Delhi

Tape-in Hair Extension is very quick to install (usually within an hour). It comes in two variant – 1.5 inches wide tape weft and 2 inches wide tape weft. We provide only 1.5 inches tape weft hair extension. 20 tape-in hair extensions will come in 50 grams. As per requirement, one can add the number of tape wefts in hair extension to get equal volume all sides. Generally, 50 to 60 tape-in hair extensions are required to cover full head. For less volume 16 to 20 tape-in hair extensions are required. For heavy volume, 60 to 80 tape wefts will be enough. It comes in pair.

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