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Hair Replacement in Delhi

Hair baldness or Hair loss has become quite a common problem for people nowadays. If you are also among one of those suffering from hair loss and subsequently, looking for a hair replacement treatment to get rid of it, then you are on the right platform. There are numerous technologies that clinics, cosmeticians and dermatologists offers. Lynx Hair Skin Clinic is one of the Best Hair Replacement Clinic in Delhi.  Our trained professionals offers a wide range of treatment services. At our clinic, we provide non-surgical hair replacement treatment at affordable prices.

Hair Replacement Procedure in Delhi

We attach the Hair Replacement Systems or Hair Patch to cover up the baldness. The hair replacement product is an additional hair woven classification which is affix with usual patient’s hair and head giving a 100% natural appearance and stylish hair style. We offer customized non-surgical hair replacement systems to endow with superior bendy appropriate of the head, 100% natural outcome and set up the miscellaneous obligation of the hair baldness. We have a team of skilled, experienced and certified technicians who are eligible to carry out stylish hair style, very much natural result. Moreover, we put forward a variety of admired non surgical hair replacement services through silicon bonding, hair fixing & sew-in braided hair weaving.

In Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Delhi, no surgical process is involved. It is performed using chosen non surgical method. It is again quite similar to Hair Weaving in Delhi, Hair Patch in Delhi, hair fixing in Delhi, hair bonding in Delhi and hair attachment process. In this method, the professional will attach the hair unit to cover up the baldness. With these solutions one can get rid of their baldness problem. This is performed by using various methods explained in the Hair Weaving section. In the procedure, the thinning area is shaved off by a clipper and a Hair Unit of the same size is attached to the particular area with the help of medicated glue and tape. Moreover, we will provide a haircut to give the desired look to the client.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Delhi in Delhi

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement refers to adding hair stand system with the person’s natural hair or cranium directly to cover up the baldness or increase the volume of hair. Non-surgical hair substitute is best alternative to deal with hair loss and helping the females suffering from severe hair loss. We provide hair patches made by our experienced professionals using synthetic hair as well as 100% natural human hair for both men and women. They come in various sizes, textures and colours. In non-surgical hair replacement, the clients will require re-servicing after some time. As the name suggests, there is no surgery or invasive techniques involve in this process making it absolutely safe with no side effects.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Delhi: Dos

The Non-surgical Hair Replacement in Delhi involves no surgical process or pain. Therefore, you can easily resume back to your normal day activities. Here are some of them:

  • Swimming
  • Play all games
  • Easy Combing
  • Do shampooing
  • Bike Riding
  • Kids pulling allowed, etc.
Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Delhi: Don’t’s

Our trained professional will guide you throughout the entire process and explain the post procedure care. However, here are also some activities you must avoid doing.

  • Do not wash your hair just after attachment or service
  • Do not pull the hair unit unnecessarily or forcefully
  • Keep the hair unit away from flammable objects
  • Do not fire crackers very near to yourself
  • Avoid swimming at starting and end times

*Consultation is advised before going through this process*

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