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Hair Weaving in Delhi

We have come up with the very advanced technique in Hair Weaving in Delhi known as hair unit attachment process. This process is ideal for both Gents and Ladies. In this process, the hair patch is attached to the scalp with medicated glue and double sided tape. Hair Weaving is performed using two methods. First is Hair Patch Clip on System where one can easily remove and install the hair unit on their own. It is preferable for clients who have lower grade of baldness. The lifespan of clip-on hair system is 2 to 3 years (not committed, usually seen). The second method is hair attachment process. It is preferable for clients who have 3rd grade to 7th grade of baldness. In attachment process, the maximum lifespan of the hair patch will be 8 to 15 months. We offer the hair unit of same size as your baldness area. It has two methods to install the hair unit. The clients can come for consultation with our professional which is 100% free of cost. We will show you a demo on your baldness area without any involvement of your original hair. In this way you will get an idea about this procedure you are planning to go for.

For Ladies Hair Weaving in Delhi

We offer a hair unit called hair closure. It comes in different sizes to cover up different baldness areas. For general loss and small portion thinning area, ladies can go for Clip-On Hair Closure method first.

Clip-On Hair Closure in Delhi

It is absolutely safe to use and its life span will be up to 1.5 years to 2 years. You can go easy with this but there are few activities you must avoid.

Positive Sides

  • It is easy to remove and install
  • It has a great lifespan as compared to other one


  • Do not shower wearing the hair unit
  • Do not swim wearing the hair unit
  • Blow dry in salon is difficult to do
  • Do not sleep wearing the patch. If you sleep with this you will have to face the traction alopecia after an year. In this case some of your hair comes out permanently and therefore, the clip position needs to be changed again.

Hair Attachment Process in Delhi

It is absolutely safe to go for and will have a lifespan up to 8 to 9 months.

Positive Sides

  • You can use normal hair products. It requires general maintenance.
  • Swimming
  • Kids pulling allowed, etc.


  • You might face a little bit etching problems. There is nothing to worry about it. It might happen once or twice in a week or any particular day or some people literally don’t feel anything.

So we are sharing the few photos to understand what we are trying to explain you. For more details you can click on the Gents Hair Weaving in Delhi and Ladies Hair Weaving In Delhi section or you can also go through our blog section for more details.

Hair Weaving: Lynx Hair Skin Clinic in Delhi

Lynx Hair Skin Clinic is known for its Natural Hair Weaving at Delhi. This is a Non-surgical process therefore, painless and zero side-effects technique which draw on untreated Re my or virgin natural human hair woven to the skull to give a natural appearance and cover up the baldness. The supplementary tresses are made with natural existing hairs directly through sew-in weaves. These added tresses are made to particularly match with the patient hair in terms of color, thickness and direction of hairs. This is absolutely safe and non surgical course of action. Lynx Hair Skin Clinic provides Best Hair Weaving in Delhi at extremely reasonable charges.

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