Hair baldness generally comes from genetic factors or at times there are other causes too like stress, disease or addictions. This can actually be very disturbing to people at times. There are many methods that are used now to fix this problem. Hair Weaving is also one of those non-surgical hair replacement techniques. Since it is a non-surgical treatment, it is absolutely safe and painless. It is used for both men and women type of baldness. In this process, a hair patch or hair unit of the same size (as that of the bald area) is attached to the scalp using glue or medicated double-sided tape. With people with less baldness, can go for Hair Patch Clip-On System which can be easily attached and removed by the person itself.

Hair Weaving treatment

At Lynx Hair Skin Clinic, we offer Hair Weaving Treatment services for both men and women. Under hair weaving, we provide hair fixing, hair bonding, or hair replacement. These treatments are used to cover the baldness and give length and volume to the hair. Our hair patches come in various varieties, colors, texture, and sizes. We have hair patches of synthetic hair as well as 100% natural human hair. The quality of our hair systems makes it look natural and the patch goes undetected by others. Our expert professionals will guide you regarding which method you should go for on the basis of your baldness grade, condition, and area.  Contact us now for more queries, and book an appointment to get rid of your baldness troubles.