Laser Toning Skin treatment is used for instant skin rejuvenation. This is a medical procedure and is absolutely safe and effective for all the skin types. However, the results may vary based on the person’s skin condition, age, skin type, wavelength of the laser, etc. This treatment uses laser, a high intensity light of a particular wavelength. It is effective to give an even tone to the skin or a brighter look. Generally, we see people develop dark or light patches on their skin. This occurs due to the melanin pigment present in the skin cells which gives colour to the skin. When cells produce excess melanin, the skin becomes darker than the natural colour, basically happens due to sun exposure or infections. Similarly, when cells produce less melanin, the skin becomes lighter in colour due to injuries or disease.

Procedure of Laser Toning Skin Treatment-

Laser Toning skin treatment is ideal to treat the pigmentation disorder. The procedure begins with an initial clean-up of the face. Further, the expert determines the wavelength of the laser on the basis of the skin condition and type. Under proper safety measures, the professionals will then pass the laser on the affected area or the entire face. The melanin pigment absorbs the light, gets heated and as a result it bursts.

Professional performing Laser toning skin treatment by ND-YAG Q Switch machine


This is a painless procedure. However, the person feels a little heat or pricking sensation as the laser passes. It is a safe treatment and has no side effects, except that slight redness occurs for few minutes. Laser Toning skin treatment results in instant rejuvenation of the face, neck, hands and décolleté. It promotes sub-dermal collagen production so that as a result, skin texture, colour and tone continues to improve. Regular toning can diminish skin flaws like fine lines, wrinkles, mild facial scarring, age spots, sun tan, freckles, active acne and scars, and many more.

Lynx Hair Skin Clinic

There are a lot of dermatologists and cosmeticians that offer this treatment. Lynx Hair Skin Clinic provides the best skin treatments at an affordable price range. All the treatments are performed by experienced professionals. For Laser Toning skin treatment, we use the latest advanced technology of ND-YAG Q-Switch laser machine. Generally, we perform 6-8 sessions at 2 weeks apart, to achieve the desired results. Further, our experts will guide you regarding the post-procedure care. Moreover for more information, visit our website or contact us to book an appointment now!