Micro Needling in Gurgaon is a skin treatment used to enhance the production of collagen and improve skin texture. This treatment is carried out with the help of a rolling device that contains many fine needles. These microneedles are then rolled all over the skin creating tiny holes in it. This puncture in skin induces the healing activity of the skin which will release agents that will help rejuvenate the skin. With this technique, problems like scars, marks, fine lines, pigmentation, etc. can be treated effectively. Since the needles are very tiny they are not able to penetrate much deeper and cannot reach the nerves. Therefore no painful sensation is felt. The size of the needle is decided by the experts depending upon the area to be treated. Micro-needling can also aid in birthmark removal and scars removal. Due to micro-needling, skin care products can penetrate inside the skin and be more effective. Micro-needling has barely any side effects when performed by a trained professional.


Microneedling Or Dermaroller Treatment , Microdermabrasion Treatment Service



At Lynx Hair Skin Clinic, we offer you Micro-Needling skin treatment in Gurgaon at a reasonably affordable price. Under the guidance of our experts, we will ensure your comfortable experience and even advice you about further skincare routine. Micro-needling will induce collagen production that makes your skin more firm and elastic. So hurry up, book an appointment now and enjoy our Skin Solution Treatments in Gurgaon at affordable costs.

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