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Skin Polishing in Delhi

Skin polishing is one of the best techniques for mechanical exfoliation. This procedure is done by a Microdermabrasion machine, one of the best dead skin cells exfoliator machines that help reverse years of damage to your skin. This treatment is also known as “skin brightening”, “skin exfoliation” and “microdermabrasion”. Skin polishing is used to improve the skin, its texture, improve acne, fine lines, and spots around the skin. It makes the skin smoother, brighter, and softer. The skin becomes more radiant as the dead skin is removed by killing the dead cells. This is a great method to reverse years of skin damage.

Lynx Hair Skin Clinic provides Skin Polishing by our experienced professionals. This treatment should never be performed without the advice of a skin expert.

Skin Polishing in Delhi: Procedure

This treatment requires the individual to attend various sessions and the skin is polished every time to make it look more appealing. It is widely used to provide the skin with the nutrition it lacks, and the dead skin cells are efficiently removed.

This treatment is safe and suitable for all skin types and the peeling method or dermabrasion is gentle and highly effective on the skin, nurturing the skin with every session. It is not a long process, consuming around 45 minutes in one session. There are barely any side effects to this treatment. The skin might develop a temporary redness after the session, which wears off as time passes.

Skin polishing can be done for various body parts other than faces such as the neck, back, and even the hands. Stretch marks, hyperkeratosis, scars, disorders, pigmentation, uneven skin, etc., can be immediately cured with Skin Polishing. It promises a lifetime healthy appearance, from the inside and out.

Best Skin Polishing in Delhi: Lynx Hair Skin Clinic

Skin polishing is a very easy and gentle treatment and can feel very similar to having a facial. In the session, prior to the treatment, the face would be thoroughly clean to ensure it is devoid of any makeup or other chemical products.

The aesthetician under the guidance of our experts will use the microdermabrasion machine, to exfoliate your skin and lighten the scars or marks on the skin. The Best Skin Polishing in Delhi procedure would be carried on for around 30 to 45 minutes in one session.

The session would be followed by the pouring of crystals on the skin to heal the open pores and to exfoliate its uppermost superficial dead layers, Stimulating cell,s and increase collagen fiber production. This technique makes your skin younger and glowing.

Skin Polishing: Post Procedure Care

The skin develops a little redness right after the treatment session. Here is a list of few things one must avoid after this.

  1. Do not stay under direct sun exposure.
  2. Apply sunscreen frequently for protection against the sun.
  3. Avoid any kind of sauna, sunbathing, or steam treatments for the next 7 days.
  4. Do not wash your face with any soap or face wash for the next 24 hours.
  5. Avoid any kind of application on the treated area for the next 3 or 4 days.

What to expect after Skin Polishing treatment in Delhi?

A standard treatment session continues for about 6 to 12 weeks, hence no sooner than this does the skin start to show improvement, in terms of reduction of marks and scars, or the removal of dead cells to brighten the skin, making it smoother and softer at the same time as well.

Skin Polishing treatment: Results

The results of this treatment are semi-permanent as it helps to make dull skin look brighter, smoother, and softer. However, if the skin is not taken care of properly, the same state returns after which this treatment needs to be undergone again. However, scars, stretch marks, hyperkeratosis, and other symptoms can be permanently cured with skin polishing giving the individual an appealing appearance like never before.

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