Hair Transplant is a permanent solution for people who are suffering from hair loss or baldness. It is a surgical procedure and requires minimum invasive technique. Many people love this treatment due to its permanent results. Once, performed no re-servicing will be required.

In this process, the specialist will take hair roots of the permanent hair from the sides or lower back of the head. This area is also known as donor area. The expert will then transplant these hair follicles to the bald area, which is also known as recipient area. Hair roots from the donor site are permanent in nature, therefore, when transplanted to the recipient area, the new hair which grows from them also becomes permanent. The person will never lose them again. Moreover, the transplanted hair gives a natural look and feel. The person can dye, cut, shave or highlight them just like their normal hair, since they will grow back again like natural hair.


Hair Transplant is performed in 2 most popular methods that are as follows:

  1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer) – The FUT process is also known as strip harvesting. In this procedure, the experts will take a strip of skin along with hair from the donor site. The strip will then be put under microscopic magnification and then carefully hair is transplanted to the recipient site one by one. Meanwhile, the donor site where the strip was taken from is stitched using trichophytic closure technique to close wounds and make surgical scars invisible.
  2. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) – Under this process, the professionals directly extract hair follicles carefully from the donor site with the help of a special instrument. Further, they are transplanted to the recipient site.

Hair follicles extraction during Hair Transplant

Side Effects –

Since, this procedure is invasive in nature there are a lot of misconceptions about its side effects. This process is absolutely safe and has harmful side effects at all. However, it depends upon the clinic you choose. If you are choosing a clinic just because it offers Hair Transplant at cheap cost, then you might have to face side effects too.

Almost after a month of the hair transplant surgery, the person will lose the transplanted hairs, after which the permanent hair will grow naturally at the normal rate. These hair will remain for lifetime without any medications. This temporary small hair loss is a natural body response to the surgery. The transplanted hair follicles will never have to face thinning or loss.

Results –

Since, the hair grows naturally it will take time to cover up the bald area. The new hair that grows will resemble your natural hair in terms of texture, colour as well as thickness. Therefore, giving a natural look. Once, the hair is grown you can treat them like your normal hair, style them, cut them or whatever, they will regrow normally. As a result, this treatment gives natural and permanent solution.

Moreover, Hair Transplant will give best effective results when performed by an experienced professional. Lynx Hair Skin Clinic provides Hair Transplant treatment at a reasonable price in the market. Our experts will perform this treatment with proper safety measures and instruments, in a comfortable and well-equipped clinic. Contact us now to book an appointment!