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Face Pigmentation Skin Treatment Services

53. Is it safe to get a Photo Facial to get rid of prolonged tanning?

Photo Facial are absolutely safe. They have shown great skin rejuvenation experience to almost all skin types to at least some degree. Also known as IPL Skin Rejuvenation, this is a non-invasive treatment. Its extravagant results have led to its dramatically increased demand around the world. Moreover, men and women from around the world are opting for it for the sake of well-being and health. The biggest misconception is that Photo Facials uses laser treatment. It does not.

What is Photo Facial?

Photo Facial treatment involves using light therapy for skin rejuvenation. The procedure consists of creating sufficient heat in the red or brown sun damaged structures (sun tanning) which helps reduce their appearance or completely eliminate them. During the process, a professional emits a blast of light at intense pulses that absorb deeper in the skin. The melanin pigment and the broken capillaries (spider veins) present beneath the skin absorbs the light.

Before the treatment, the professional examines the skin condition and type. They determine an energy level which will be sufficient to treat the damaged structures and consequently, avoid collateral damage. The intensity of the light pulses vary from person to person based upon several factors. The number of sessions a person requires totally depends on the skin condition and desired results.



Light therapy being used in Photo Facial treatment

What are the side effects?

This treatment has relatively lower risk of side effects. However, some basic side effects include redness in skin and increase in sensitivity right after the procedure. These are temporary and settles within 10-15 minutes. Subsequently, its non-invasive nature makes this treatment safe for all skin types.


Lynx Hair Skin Clinic offers Photo Facial treatments at a reasonable price range. Our professional treatments are performed under proper safety measures and by experts. With our latest technologies, we deliver effective results. Meanwhile, you can visit our website for more information or consult our professionals for free at 9870405553 or 9870405554. Book an appointment now!

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23 What is the best and safe solution for Skin Pigmentation?

The skin colour depends upon the amount of melanin pigment that the special cells present in the skin produces. Skin pigmentation refers to the disorder in the colour of the skin which causes the formation of patches either darker than the skin colour or lighter. The skin pigmentation can occur in various/any part of the skin. When looking for ways to get rid of the pigmentation, we must understand its types, causes and treatments. There are generally two types of pigmentation conditions.

What is the best and safe solution for Skin Pigmentation?


  1. Hypo-Pigmentation or De-Pigmentation –

The loss of skin colour or formation of patches that are lighter than the skin colour is called Hypo-Pigmentation. This can occur due to injuries, blisters, burns or ulcers, exposure of skin to chemical substances, or skin infections. These conditions cause a reduction of melanin production in the skin. Lynx Hair Skin Clinic offers various treatments for Hypo-pigmentation. Our professionals perform treatments like Photo-Facials (IPL Skin Rejuvenation), Laser Peels, Chemical peels, etc. to treat this. Get glowing and gorgeous skin with our treatments.

  1. Hyper-Pigmentation –

The excess production of melanin pigment in the skin causes the development of brown or darker than the skin colour patches on various body parts. The hyperactivity of melanin in the skin causes its uneven deposit in parts of the body. Hyper-pigmentation in the skin can occur due to sun exposure, pregnancy, allergies, skin infection, medicines side effects, lack of Vitamin C, etc. Lynx Hair Skin Clinic provides Photo facial, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatment to get rid of suntans, melasma, freckles, etc. The number of sessions required will depend upon the desired results and condition of the skin.

Lynx Hair Skin Clinic provides the best, safe and reliable treatments for skin disorders in Gurgaon. Contact us for a free consultation with our experts, and get the best guidance for your skin pigmentation.


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