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52. What is better – Hair Wigs or Hair Extensions? Choose yourself.

Hair Wigs and Hair Extensions are just two different techniques to cover up the baldness. Now since, there are so many options available, people tend to confuse which one is best suitable for them. There are few similarities and differences. We have tried to mention all the basic points that will help you choose the best for yourself.

Hair Wigs –

Hair Wigs are one of the most commonly and widely used method to get hide your baldness. Moreover, people even choose wigs to get an instant change of look. Hair Wigs are available for both men as well as women, who either have general baldness or complete hair loss. Patients going under Chemotherapy can also go for wigs. There are a number of wigs available in the market.

  • Gents Hair Wigs – For men, there are male pattern wigs such as simple partition wig, PU-Base free style wig, Synthetic wig and Lace wigs.
  • Ladies Hair Wigs – For women, there are female pattern wigs such as Front Fringe style short and long wig, PU-Base Extension wig, PU-Base Hand Knotting wig, Lace Short and Long wig, Synthetic wigs, etc.
  • Fancy Wigs
  • Chemo Wigs

Various angle views of hair wigs

When to choose ?


  • If you are a male, then go for hair wigs because hair extensions are only meant for women.
  • People who have complete hair loss or very short hair, where your natural hair cannot support the extensions anymore, choose hair wigs.
  • If you cannot spend much time on styling your hair, choose wigs because they give instant change of look.
  • Wigs are easily attached and removed. You can remove it at night while sleeping and attach it whenever you want.


Hair Extensions –

Hair Extensions are an excellent technique to get long and stylish hair. There are both temporary as well as permanent methods available. For temporary, clip on hair extension is offered, and for permanent Keratin hair extension, Micro-ring hair extension, tape-in hair extension and micro-weft hair extension.

  • Clip-on hair extensions – the hair extension is attached to the hair with the help of clips. The client can easily put it and remove it.
  • Keratin hair extensions – the hair extension is attached with the help of Keratin glue.
  • Micro-Ring hair extensions – the hair extension is attached with the help of micro beads or rings.
  • Tape in hair extensions – the hair extension is attached with the help of tape wefts.
  • Weft Micro ring hair extensions – two hair extensions will be stitched and the hair strands will be tightened with the help of Keratin glue or micro rings.


before and after getting hair extensions

When to choose?

  • If you want to add length and volume to your existing hair, hair extensions are best for you.
  • Women can easily change their hairstyles without cutting their hair or restyling.
  • If you are not comfortable wearing caps or hats, then hair extensions are ideal for you because they give more comfort.
  • They look absolutely natural among your natural hair.


Lynx Hair Skin Clinic provides the best hair solutions. Our professionals will give you a demo and guide you regarding the best choice as per your requirement. However, you can visit our website for more information or contact us at 9870405553 or 9870405554 to book an appointment now!

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20. Where can I get good quality hair extensions done?

Hair Extensions is a non-surgical hair replacement technique to cover up baldness in a way that no one can easily detect. With Hair extensions, the length and volume of the hair are increased using various methods. Lynx Hair Skin Clinic offers Hair Extensions at an affordable range of price. The Hair Extensions are available in 5 different techniques performed by our experienced professionals. With us, you can choose your preferable technique according to your requirement and comfort.

  1. Clip-On Hair Extensions – This is a temporary hair extension which can be easily attached and removed by the client. In this method, the hair extension is attached to the surrounding hair with clips. This is generally preferred by people with minor baldness.
  2. Keratin Hair Extension – This is a permanent hair extension technique in which the hair is attached to the bald area with the Keratin glue. The number of strands used will depend upon the client’s requirement of the hair density or volume.
  3. Micro-Ring Extension – In this method, the hair extension strands are attached to the natural hair using microbeads. This is a cold fusion method and it requires less time.
  4. Weft Ring Extension – This method is the fastest as compared to all the other permanent extension methods. In this process, keratin glue or microbeads are used to attach the hair extension. This is very fast to install and lasts up to 2-3 months.
  5. Tape-In Extension – This method is also very quick to install and takes about 1 hour only. In this process, the hair strands are attached with the help of tape. The number of tapes used will depend on the desired volume of hair.

Our services are performed by experienced professionals. Consult us now for free for more details on Hair Extensions in Gurgaon and other Delhi NCR regions.

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