Hair baldness/ Hair loss has become quite a common problem for people nowadays. If you are among one of the people suffering from hair loss and subsequently, looking for hair replacement treatment to get rid of it. We have provided all the basic information you need to know before choosing a parlour for best quality hair replacement treatment at an affordable price. There are numerous technologies that clinics, cosmeticians and dermatologists offers. Lynx Hair Skin Clinic is one of the best parlours in Gurgaon with trained professionals and a wide range of services. At Lynx Hair Skin Clinic, hair replacement treatment is available in two types- Non-surgical hair replacement and surgical hair replacement.


Non-surgical hair replacement –


Non-surgical hair Replacement 

It is a temporary solution for hair replacement. As the name suggests, there is no surgery or invasive techniques in this process making it absolutely safe with no side effects. In Non-surgical hair replacement treatment, hair patch of the same size as of the baldness area is cut. The professional will attach the patch to the scalp with medicated double-sided tape or glue. The duration for which this treatment lasts will depend upon the method chosen. Lynx Hair Skin Clinic provides the best quality of non-surgical hair replacement treatment at an affordable price. For this treatment,  our experienced professionals offer three methods– Hair Weaving, Hair Fixing and Hair Bonding. We provide hair patches made of synthetic hair as well as 100% natural human hair for both men and women. They come in various sizes, textures and colours. In non-surgical hair replacement, the clients will require re-servicing after some time.


Surgical Hair Replacement 

Hair Transplant is a permanent solution which follows surgical process for hair replacement. It can be a little painful but no worries, professionals use numbing cream before performing this process. In this treatment, natural hair from client’s donor site (generally at the back of the head) is transplanted to the bald area. The experts will transplant the hair follicles due to which the hair starts growing naturally. It will require a little time before the results start showing. This process is a bit costly than the non-surgical hair replacement as it is permanent and does not require any further sessions. Consult our professionals for free for more information about hair replacement treatments.