Hair weaving is a very advanced technology of hair replacement for both men and women. It is a hair attachment process in which two methods are used to attach the hair patch to the scalp i.e. Hair Patch Clip-on system and Attachment Hair weaving.  Lynx Hair Skin Clinic offers effective hair weaving technique to get rid of your baldness. Our professionals will guide you during all the process and will make sure you have a delightful and satisfied hair weaving. Consult us for free and let us guide you for your problem’s solution. Our Hair Weaving is available at an affordable price of range and for both men & women. We provide a wide range of hair patches to make sure it matches our client’s requirements.

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Clip-on system –

The first method is the best for people with less baldness area. In this system, we will select a hair patch of the same size as that of the bald area. Then, the hair patch is attached to the bald area using clips. It can be very easily attached and removed by the person itself. This Clip-on system usually has a life span of 2-3 years.  Both ladies and gents who have general hair loss problem and small portion baldness can go for this method.

Attachment hair weaving-

The second method is Attachment process, which is used for people who have severe baldness and where the surrounding hair can no longer hold the clips. In this method, the bald area is completely shaved off and a hair unit of the same size is attached with the help of glue and medicated double sided tape.  With this method, you can easily resume back to your normal day to day activities. This process will last for 8 to 9 months but re-servicing maybe required after 1.5-2 months depending upon the maintenance and caring.