What are Moles and Warts?

Moles are dark brown spots that occurs on various layers of skin. Moles may appear as flat or raised, smooth or rough and can even change in appearance with time.  Cosmeticians offer various treatments for mole removal for people concerned with moles on their body. Warts are single bumps having cauliflower structure. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) causes the occurrence of warts which is a common infection. Warts can occur in various parts of the body including genital area. Warts are probably harmless and can even disappear without any treatment. Some warts may recur after treatment, hence more than one treatment might be required. Lynx Hair Skin Clinic provides the best treatment for Mole and Wart removal.

Wart removal with laser



Mole removal is a painless treatment.  Moles which are raised and appear over the skin are removed by minor surgery after numbing the skin area. Some moles that do not appear above the surface of the skin for which laser treatment is best. The professionals emit intense pulse lights to burst the mole cells in the skin. This treatment may require around 2-3 sessions to get rid of the mole. Warts are found on various parts of the body that can be easily removed by other therapies but some need to be cut away. Furthermore, people now prefer to go for laser wart removal treatment which is an absolutely safe and painless procedure. While other wart removal treatments can be painful and ineffective, laser removal gives effective results. The wart dries up as the laser cuts off its blood supply. Our experienced professionals perform this treatment with proper safety measures.

Lynx Hair Skin Clinic provides laser treatment for mole and wart removal which is safe for both adults and children and generally require 1-2 sessions. Consult our professionals for detailed information.