Hair Extensions is a non-surgical hair replacement technique to cover up baldness in a way that no one can easily detect. With Hair extensions, the length and volume of the hair are increased using various methods. Lynx Hair Skin Clinic offers Hair Extensions at an affordable range of price. The Hair Extensions are available in 5 different techniques performed by our experienced professionals. With us, you can choose your preferable technique according to your requirement and comfort.

  1. Clip-On Hair Extensions – This is a temporary hair extension which can be easily attached and removed by the client. In this method, the hair extension is attached to the surrounding hair with clips. This is generally preferred by people with minor baldness.
  2. Keratin Hair Extension – This is a permanent hair extension technique in which the hair is attached to the bald area with the Keratin glue. The number of strands used will depend upon the client’s requirement of the hair density or volume.
  3. Micro-Ring Extension – In this method, the hair extension strands are attached to the natural hair using microbeads. This is a cold fusion method and it requires less time.
  4. Weft Ring Extension – This method is the fastest as compared to all the other permanent extension methods. In this process, keratin glue or microbeads are used to attach the hair extension. This is very fast to install and lasts up to 2-3 months.
  5. Tape-In Extension – This method is also very quick to install and takes about 1 hour only. In this process, the hair strands are attached with the help of tape. The number of tapes used will depend on the desired volume of hair.

Our services are performed by experienced professionals. Consult us now for free for more details on Hair Extensions in Gurgaon and other Delhi NCR regions.