Hair baldness is something most people avoid talking about. Loss of hair cause loss of confidence too. For people who are very much concerned about their looks and appearances, baldness can be a real pain. But with the developed technology, numerous methods have now come into practice among which there are few many popular ones. In this blog, we will provide you all the major benefits of the two most chosen hair replacement techniques – Hair Transplant and Hair Wigs.


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Hair Transplant-

Hair Transplant is one of the most effective hair replacement technique that is chosen by many people who once suffered from baldness. This process is long lasting and reliable. It does not cause any side effects nor does it will require any pre-service or sessions again. In this procedure, the client’s natural hair is transplanted from the donor site (back of the head generally) to the bald area. Since the natural hair follicles are transplanted, they regrow naturally. However, the cost and effectiveness of Hair Transplant will depend on the expert you choose. At Lynx Hair Skin Clinic, we provide Hair Transplant treatment in a reasonable price range that may vary according to the baldness stage and area to be treated. The process is carried out under our trained and experienced professionals.

Hair Wigs-

Hair Wigs have been used by people with baldness for a long time. It is the easiest and quickest method to cover up your bald area and get an instant desired look. This is a non-surgical process and is absolutely painless as well as safe. The quality of your hair wigs will decide, how natural it appears to others. Therefore make sure you choose the best. The wigs are not very costly and can last up to 3-4 months if given proper care and maintenance.  Lynx Hair Skin Clinic offers a huge variety range of best quality hair wigs. From people suffering from general baldness to chemo wigs, we have them all in various sizes, colors, and textures. Also, our professionals can aid you in deciding which hair wig will best suit your personality.