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Call us:- +91-9870405556  Address:- Unitech Business Zone, Nirvana Road, Sector 50, Gurugram

Hair Wigs in Gurgaon: Skin Clinic 

LYNX Hair Wigs & Skin Clinic in Gurgaon comes with our top most Services in Hair Services, Skin services and Beauty Services in Gurgaon India. Most of people who suffering the hair loss problem, severe hair fall, wide partition area in ladies, alopecia, general loss, some accidental cases and cancer patients concern about their look. And most of people generally ladies and college going girls and also boys are facing skin problems like acne scars, acne pits, redness on the face, mole and wart problems, freckles, birth mark, uneven body tone, unwanted hair on chin area, under arms hair hygiene area of ladies and gents  that we actually concern about. Some of them choose a solution as they want and rest of them have no idea what to choose or what suits on their types. In this situation, we will suggest you and show you the perfect solution in our consultation which is totally free of cost.

Hair Wig in Gurgaon: Gent’s

Hair Wigs in Gurgaon brings you the Gent’s Hair Wigs in Gurgaon for total baldness, male pattern severe baldness or total loss in alopecia.

Gent’s Hair Wig in Gurgaon

Hair Wigs Gurgaon: Ladies

Best Ladies Hair Wigs in Gurgaon brings the all kind of wigs come in PU-base Real Wig, Korean Wig, Fringe Style Wigs, Lace Wig Short, Lace Wig Long.

Ladies Hair Wigs Gurgaon

Hair Weaving Gurgaon: Ladies

Ladies Hair Weaving in Gurgaon brings you the Top Closure for the very thinning area on Top. It has two processes first hair closure clip-on methodand secondly hair weaving attachment process.

Ladies Hair Weaving Gurgaon

Hair Weaving Gurgaon: Gents

Hair Weaving in Gurgaon brings the Clip-on Hair System, Hair Unit in attachment process. we try to give our 100%  best outcome for our clients regarding their look.

Ladies Hair Weaving Gurgaon

Hair Wigs in Gurgaon

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Hair Wigs in Gurgaon

We are providing Gents Hair Wig, Ladies Hair Wigs, Chemo Wigs, Fancy Wigs, Hair Weaving, Gent’s Hair Weaving, Ladies Hair Weaving, Hair Patch, Hair Fixing, Hair Bonding, Non Surgical Hair Replacement, Permanent Hair Extensions, Clip on Hair Extension, Keratin Glued Hair Extensions, Micro-ring Hair Extensions, Weft-ring Hair Extensions, Tape-in Hair Extensions.

We also deal with international clients whose profession is modelling, Dancer, Cooperate fields, Doctors and many more. We are providing the best environment with  security lock rooms and perfect sound system which is switched on or switched off by client as per their requirements, also inbuild Mobile Charging point in every room with LED TV with All HD Channels for all your comforts. To know more about our clinic please click  CLINIC GALLERY here.

Eyelash Extensions in Gurgaon

A technique in which 1 lash extension is glued to 1 natural lash. This method is also known as 1 to 1 or 1:1 technique in Eyelashes Extension in Gurgaon. Classic lashes are ideal for clients who already have a lot of lashes, but want to add more length. Classic lashes look more natural in that manner.

When many lashes are applied to one single natural eyelash separately dividing one natural eyelash at a time by using very thin lashes. If 2 eyelash extensions are applied to one natural lash it is known as Lynx 2D technique, if 3 eyelash extensions are applied to one natural eyelash then it is described as 3D etc.

Eyelash Extensions in Gurgaon

Skin Care Treatment Gurgaon

We provide the best skin treatment for those person who has a dull skin, acne, acne pits, Acne scars, Pigmentations, uneven ton, fine lines, wrinkles and aging and unwanted hair on the body. So not to worry about your skin. We have treatment of all kind of skin problems. Our treatments are Creaseless Purification, Breathtaking rejuvenation, Age Miracle, Skin Polishing, Skin Whitening, Skin Lightening, Deep Moisturizing, Intense Moisturizing Facial, Photo Facial with IPL, Laser Toning, Chemical Peel, Tattoo Removal, Micro Needling, Skin Pigmentation, Carbon Resurfacing, Mole & Wart Removal, Acne Scar Treatment and  Laser Hair Reduction. And in Beauty Services like Eyelash Extension in Gurgaon and Body Waxing Services in Gurgaon are provided.

Our Vision is to change your skin bad to good condition. We have a ability to give you the great Skin Treatment in Gurgaon and an attractive look. After working out you feel the difference in your skin. Aesthetic treatments in Gurgaon give you the younger and attractive look. To know more you can go to SKIN TREATMENT Menu bar or click direct link above mentioned.

Skin Care Treatment Gurgaon

Why Need Consultations?

Hair Weaving, Wigs and Hair Extension Shop in Gurgaon consults you in such a nice way that you can understand all thing, we are showing you the Demo, when you come for consultation for very first time at Hair Weaving Clinic in Gurgaon. Hair Wigs in Gurgaon has a goal to abolish the uncertainty and encourage self-confidence in your decision to spend in your Hair baldness expenses at Hair Weaving cost in Gurgaon. Hair Bonding in Gurgaon provides the solution of Male and Female Pattern baldness. Our concern at Hair Weaving problems is to give the Best Hair Weaving Solutions to our clients who suffer really a bad hair loss problem. The main Concern of a person wants to take cost effective solution at Hair Weaving Services in Gurgaon and we are here to serve you the best suits cost valuable solution at Hair Weaving Shop in Gurgaon. We look forward to presenting you with the best non-surgical hair treatment options for your unique hair condition and anxiety and leading you on a lane to obtaining and maintaining the beautiful hair that you deserve!

—-Services We Are Offering—-

  • Hair weaving and its monthly services
  • Hair replacement and its monthly services
  • Hair bonding and its monthly services
  • Hair fixing and its monthly services
  • Ladies Hair Weaving and its services
  • Clip on hair extensions
  • Permanent hair extensions and its regular basis services
  • Gents hair wig and its washing services
  • Ladies hair wig and its washing services
  • Wigs for chemotherapy patients and its washing services
  • Eyelash Extensions and refilling
  • Acne and its scars treatment
  • Skin Facials
  • Chemical Peels
  • Advance Chemical Peels
  • Photo Facial
  • Micro needling

How soon can I get an appointment?

It is not unusual for us to be scheduling clients two to three weeks from now. For current availability, please CALL US

For Hair Solutions— +91-8745036736, +91-9870405556

For Skin Treatment– +91- 9870405553, +91- 9870405554 

Landline– +91-124-4270100, Mobile– +91-8527941983

For General Query-

For Booking Hair Consultation–              

For Booking Skin Consultation–

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Hair Wigs Services in Gurgaon
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Hair Wigs Services in Gurgaon
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611, 6th floor Tower A, Unitech Business Zone opp. Tagore Public School Golf course Ext Road Sector-50 Gurgaon Haryana- 122018
Hair Wigs in Gurgaon- Gent’s & Ladies Hair Wigs Shop & Services in Gurgaon, Wigs Price & Review, Hair Weaving, Extension, Bonding & Skin service provider.
Hair Wigs in Gurgaon- Gent’s & Ladies Hair Wigs Shop & Services in Gurgaon, Wigs Price & Review, Hair Weaving, Extension, Bonding & Skin service provider.
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