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Hair Extensions in Gurgaon

Hair Extensions in Gurgaon: Types of Hair Extensions We Offer

Hair Extensions in Gurgaon sector-50 Haryana, India. We offer Human Hair Extensions, permanent keratin fusion Hair Extensions, sew-in hair weaving extensions, Natural Re my Hair Extensions, Clip-On or Clip-In Hair Extensions, hair designer keratin hair extensions Pre-bonded permanent hair extensions, Synthetic Hair Extensions, Skin weft Tape-In Hair Extensions, Micro ring or Micro-cylinders hair extensions, PU Skin weft hair extension, Micro Loop or Nano Bead Hair Extensions, Hair Volumizers, Co loured Human Hair Extensions or Highlighters, Real Machine weft hair extensions, Ponytails, Top headbands, Keratin tips, virgin real single drawn wav,  at best cost  in our Lynx Hair Extensions clinic in Gurgaon, Hariyana.

Hair Extensions in Gurgaon

In this section Hair Extensions in Gurgaon, we extend the length of hair and give the volume on overall hair. There are FIVE methods of Hair Extension in Gurgaon where we put the Hair Extension in this manner that people can’t make out easily. We mean nobody can make out. For manual method you can have the CLIP-ON HAIR EXTENSION IN GURGAON where you can easily put the hair extension into your hair through making the section and put the clip on hair extension by yourself. This is called temporary Hair Extensions in Gurgaon.

For PERMANENT HAIR EXTENSION IN GURGAON, we are offering KERATIN HAIR EXTENSION IN GURGAONMICRO-RING HAIR EXTENSION IN GURGAONMICRO-WEFT HAIR EXTENSIONS IN GURGAON and TAPE-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS IN GURGAON. We have wide range of Hair Extensions in Gurgaon for our special client who wants the perfect match regarding color and texture. As for as Hair Extensions Cost in Gurgaon, we are design our pricelist under the supervision of our Hair Expert so that anyone can have own hair extension to look more beautiful and stunning in their culture. You can do curl and ironing with moderate temperature in Hair Extensions in Gurgaon.
Now it’s time to happiness for ladies because we are talking about our Best Hair Extensions in Gurgaon which made by Hair expert– Mr. Prem. Remy and virgin hair used to make the hair extension products. For more information, you can click on the sub-menu of HAIR EXTENSION IN GURGAON to get full details.

Hair Extensions in Gurgaon: Clip-on (Temporary)

Well we are going to tell you about Clip on Hair Extensions in Gurgaon. In this section you will get the sets of extensions as per the client requirement, generally it comes in 3+4+2+2 sets [ 3(lower ear to ear)+4(upper ear to ear)+2(left upper ear)+2(right upper ear)] total 4 sets comes in 11 clips. Also single row set is available in 6 clips in one set.

Regarding Best Hair Extension Cost in Gurgaon is in everyone’s budget. Cut proper section, where you want to put in, of your hair then clip it your beautiful hair extension in your hair, comb it and merge it. You can also do curl, ironing using Heat Protector with less temperature as compared to standard temperature… Read More

Hair Extensions in Gurgaon: Positive side and Drawbacks

  • Easy to clip-in
  • Remove within 5 seconds
  • Doing ironing and curling
  • Easy washing steps
  • Drawback
  • Feels pain on your head when clip it on to your hair suffering traction alopecia after a year.
  • Chances of increase the baldness where clip tuck on only.
  • Unable to make high ponytail

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Hair Extensions in Gurgaon : Keratin Glue

If we are talking about Permanent hair extensions in Gurgaonkeratin hair extension in Gurgaon is so trendy in fashion. In this procedure, single strand weighing 1.2 gram to 1.5 gram, is applied with heat wand iron to melt the Italian plastic crystals to fix the hair strand to your hair. Number of strand means density of the hair extensions in Gurgaon in human hair extensions in Gurgaon, and also if we talk about hair length that client usually not aware of that.

We meant, number one point is to add some hair strands to your existing length, it gives you the volume of your same length, in this case number of strands would be required is 50 strands to 90 strands, depends on the client’s own hair density.

Number two point is client wants to increase her hair length as well as hair density also, in this case number of strands would be required is 110 strands to 180 strands, it is again depends on the client’s own hair density and volume. This procedure takes longer time than usual. Availability of hair length starts from 16 inches to 30 inches in Permanent hair extension in Gurgaon at LYNX Hair Skin Clinic Gurgaon.

One question arises where to buy hair extensions in Gurgaon. Answer is Simple LYNX hair Extensions only, because it is 100% natural and made by professionals. The Best Cost Effective Hair Extensions in Gurgaon is that we design the costing in this way that every one getting done this process easily. For more information you can take the appointment to our Hair Expert Pramod Goyal. He will guide you how to go through it.

Hair Extension in Gurgaon :Weft Micro-ring(Permanent)

Hair Extension in Gurgaon :Tape-in (Permanent)

Hair Extensions in Gurgaon :Micro-Ring

Our third section is Micro-ring hair extension in Gurgaon. In this course of action micro ring or micro beading is used. This is the similar process of keratin glue hair extension. Only difference is keratin glue hair extension is based on hot fusion and micro-ring hair extension in Gurgaon is based on cold fusion methodLess time would be taken compared to keratin glue hair extensions in Gurgaon. This is the permanent solution in Hair extensions in Gurgaon.

In micro-ring method, one hair extension strand and your real hair is going to press with pliers one by one. We have also three kinds of ring 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.5mm. Ring size is chosen by client in order to get finishing touch at end of the work. *Number of strand, density and all explained in keratin section.* we provide Best Hair Extension in India and overseas also. Our client comes from Miami, Washington DC, New eland, Auckland, Canada, Michigan, Millburn Australia, south Korea, Iran, Switzerland, Dhaka Bangladesh, Moscow Russia, china and few other countries. This is the very safer method to apply the micro ring hair extension in Gurgaon. It has own by any group of ladies (16 yrs to 60 yrs)

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