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Tape-in Hair Extensions Gurgaon

Our last but not the least is Tape-in hair extension in Gurgaon. It is very quick to install within an hour. It comes in two variant, first is 1.5 inches wide tape weft and second will be 2 inches wide tape weft. In best tape-in hair extension in Gurgaon, we provide only 1.5 inches tape weft hair extension. 20 tape-in hair extensions comes in 50 grams. As per requirement one can add the number of tape in hair extension to get the volume all sides. There is 50 to 60 tape-in hair extensions required for full head coverage. For low volume, needs 16 to 20 Tape in Extension in Gurgaon. For medium, 30 to 40 Tape in Hair Extension in Gurgaon. For heavy, 60 to 80 tape wefts are going to one’s head.

It comes in pair when attachment takes place.

Tape-in Hair Extensions Gurgaon :Positive Side

  • Easiness starting from first day
  • Easy wash
  • Ironing and curling
  • Make braiding
  • Make pony
  • Leave your hair open
  • Tie your hair
  • Blows dry your hair extensions on special occasion
  • Coloring only specified place

Tape-in Hair Extensions Gurgaon :Drawbacks

  • Etching on particular area where extension installed for a week only
  • Being a cutting shaft of a head, limited hair coloring is allowed
  • Some extensions are coming out due to route weak or bad combing

Service required in 1.5 to 2.5 months.

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