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Hair Bonding in Delhi

Hair Bonding is an effective non surgical hair replacement method for both men and women types of baldness. Hair Bonding is one of the most progressive and safest method to deal with hair loss problems. Our hair experts effectively fixes all types of hair problems and provide the best possible solution at pocket friendly prices. Moreover, the technology allows the use of the most advanced materials for Hair Bonding in Delhi. Over the past 5 years, we have studied the specifics of hair bonding services of various companies in the world and have gathered a vast experience for the same. We provide excellent quality hair bonding services to our customers at affordable prices.


Firstly, the professional will measure the bald area and take a hair patch or hair unit of the same size. Since, the hair patch or hair switches comes in an oval or square shape, an expert will have to shave off the bald area using a clipper. Then after a hair wash, the hair patch will be attached. The method used will depend upon the client’s requirement or baldness area. If the hair density is good around the bald area, then the clip-on system is used. However, if the surrounding area hair does not support the clips, then attachment process is ideal. The professional will attach the hair unit using medicated glue or tape as per the client’s desire. It is suitable for both male and female type baldness.


The Hair Patches comes in different sizes, for type 2– the size will be 7×5, for type 3 – the size will be 8×6, for type 4 – the size will be 9×6, for type 5 – the size will be 9×7, for type 6 – the size will be 10×7, for type 7 to 8 – the size will be 10×8, 11×8 and 11×9 respectively. Hair Bonding is another great way to attach a Hair Patch to the scalp. Moreover, our hair experts offers 3 to 4 specific looks as per the client’s desired look, with a haircut in the Hair Patch in Delhi (not possible in basic patches).

Hair Bonding in Delhi: Do’s

The clients are advised to come for consultation with our experts, before going through this procedure. Our professionals will guide you regarding the pre and post procedure care. Here are some normal day to day activities, you’ll be able to resume back quickly.

  • Swimming
  • Playing all games
  • Easy Combing
  • Doo shampooing
  • Ride Bike
  • kids pulling allowed, etc.
Hair Bonding in Delhi :Don’ts

Here are the list of things one must avoid, right after going through the Hair Bonding Treatment.

  • Do not wash your hair just after attachment or service. Wait for two days before taking a hair wash.
  • Do not pull the hair unit unnecessarily
  • Keep away from flammable things
  • Do not fire cracker very near to yourself
  • Avoid swimming at starting and end times

*Consultation is required before going through this process*

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