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Skin Polishing in Gurgaon

Skin polishing is one of the best techniques for mechanical exfoliation. This procedure done by Microdermabrasion machine which is one of the best dead cells exfoliator machines that helps reverse years of damage to your skin. Crystals are then continuously poured onto your skin to exfoliate its uppermost superficial dead layers, Stimulating cell and increase collagen fiber production. This technique makes your skin younger and glowing. skin laser treatment in Gurgaonlaser treatment for acne scars cost in Gurgaon, laser hair removal treatment cost in Gurgaon, laser toning pigmentation in Gurgaon, laser toning for melasma in Gurgaon, laser toning cost in India, laser toning for face side effects in Gurgaon, laser toning downtime in Gurgaon, laser toning for dark circles in Gurgaon, laser toning frequency in Gurgaon, laser toning recovery time in Gurgaon, laser treatment for face side effects in Gurgaon, laser skin resurfacing side effects in Gurgaon, types of laser treatments for face in Gurgaon, face laser treatment cost in Gurgaon, laser treatment for face cost in India, laser skin resurfacing acne scars in Gurgaon, laser resurfacing recovery time in Gurgaon, laser treatment for skin in Gurgaon.

Skin Polishing in Gurgaon: Kind of Problem?

  • 1. Fine lines
    2. Under eye dark circles
    3. Wrinkles
    4. Mild facial scaring
    5. Age spots
    6. Sun tan
    7. Mild freckles
    8. Uneven tone
    9. Active acne
    10. Mild Rosacea
    11. Acne scars

Recommendation & Frequency of Sessions

6-8 sessions required at an interval of 10-15 days between 2 consecutive sessions
This service usually lasts about 45 minutes per session. To enhance the results, you also need a regular session is recommended. The service can be used in synergy with chemical peel for better results and can also be undertaken as a part of your regular skin care. You can also treat this as a temporary glow and take it 2 to 3 days before any event.


1. After this treatment avoid sun exposure directly on your face. Apply SPF on regular bases 2 to 3 times a day.
2. Do not use soap, face wash for 24 hours.
3. Apply moisturizer continuously.

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